What is Vermicomposting?

Compost Indoors - With Help from Worms

Kitchen scraps can be composted using an unlikely little eating machine-worms! Vermicomposting (or worm bin composting) has become a popular way to recycle most kinds of food matter right in the kitchen or garage. The process is odor-free, quick, and provides high-grade compost that is great for the soil. All you need to get started is a small closed container, a bedding of aged sawdust, leaves or shredded newspaper, a little soil that contains microorganisms, some red worms, and a few helpful hints.

Red Wiggler Worm Supplier

Red wigglers are available for purchase to use indoors only in your worm bin. Red wigglers should not be used in your backyard compost bin or pile-they are not native to our area and should not be used in an outdoor environment.

Buckeye Organics

Red Wigglers and other types of worms are available for purchase. Contact Buckeye Organics at 740-349-0566 or visit the Buckeye Organics website.