Field Trips

The District offers free field trips to qualifying schools, including limited transportation reimbursement. To qualify, schools must be registered with the District's Let's Stop Waste at School (LSW) program and be willing to submit student reflections (PDF) after the trip.

PLEASE NOTE:  At least 1 adult chaperone is required for every 10 students on our field trips.  (The America Recycles Day field trip requires 1 chaperone for every 7 students.)

Register for a Field Trip

To register for a field trip, complete the Field Trip Registration Form and email to Elise Roalef. To register for the Nature of Recycling, visit

Bus Reimbursement

Your school may qualify for bus transportation reimbursement to the landfill, recycling center, or other locations if it is a member of the Hamilton County R3Source Let's Stop Waste program. The Bus Reimbursement Request is page two of the Field Trip Registration Form.

  1. America Recycles Day at the Zoo
  2. Compost Kids
  3. Farms and Food Waste
  4. Nature of Recycling
  5. Trash Talk
  6. Where Does All the Garbage Go?
  7. LaSoupe
  • Grades: 3 through 5
  • Location: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • 2022 Date:: This year's field trip spots have already filled up. Please check out our other field trip opportunities or try to join this field trip next year! 
  • Itinerary: Students will use a passport to explore the grounds of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to learn how recycling helps not only people but creatures all over the world.
  • Ohio Learning Standards (PDF)
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