Recycling at School

A Hamilton County R3Source representative can meet with principals, teachers, students, facility managers, custodians, and parent teacher associations (PTAs) within Hamilton County to help you design a waste reduction and recycling program that is right for your school.


Once you have committed to starting a program, complete the Let's Stop Waste at School Registration Form and School Recycling Plan Worksheet (PDF). Hamilton County R3Source will provide the following services:

Step-by-Step Guide to Set-up a School Recycling Program

  1. Phase One: Develop a Program
  2. Phase Two: Implement the Program
  3. Phase Three: Promote, Maintain & Improve the Program
  4. Role of Recycling Coordinator

Step 1 - Learn About the Current State of Waste Management

  • Seek support and input from your building manager, principal, and teachers.
  • Learn how waste is currently handled and if the school is recycling anything.

Step 2 - Determine What Can Be Recycled

  • Look at the school's waste to see what can be recycled. This can be as easy as looking in each garbage can and estimating the amount of the different materials, or as thorough as conducting a waste audit (PDF).
  • Visually inspect various locations where garbage is collected: classrooms; kitchen/cafeteria; offices; teachers' lounge; gyms and stadiums; auditoriums; and sports fields.

Step 3 - Find a Recycling Provider

  • Contact the school's garbage hauler to set up recycling service.

Step 4 - Designate a Recycling Coordinator and Support Team

  • Recruit a recycling club or Green Team. This could include the principal, building manager, teachers, and students. Designate a Recycling Coordinator (see "Role of Recycling Coordinator") to coordinate the program.