School Assemblies

Assemblies by Crystal Clear Sciences

One assembly presentation free for schools participating in the Let's Stop Waste at Schools, with a $25 co-pay for each additional presentation or a $10 co-pay for each additional presentation at low-income schools. Assemblies are for grades K to eight and last 45 minutes. To schedule, email Crystal Clear Science, Inc. or 513-828-9944.

STEAM! Powered Recycling

This fun and fast-paced STEAM program is filled with experiments guaranteed to inspire and inform. Kids learn how electromagnets separate steel, eddy currents separate aluminum and light helps separate plastics. Metal and plastic are melted, remolded, and cooled in front of their eyes. Math demonstrates the costs and savings of recycling. Electrical generators and Tesla coils teach energy use and changes in memorable demonstrations. Examples of the "art" in upcycling projects encourage kids to be creative! The discussion of renewable and sustainable alternatives reinforces core standards in technology and the impact of humans on the environment. This program's memorable demonstrations reinforce big science ideas across grade levels.

Ohio Learning Standards (PDF)