What are the most common reasons for idling?
  • Warming up a vehicle
  • Drive-thru windows, such as fast food, ATMs, library book returns and other quick errands
  • Waiting on someone, especially picking up and dropping off children at school, athletics, library and other extracurricular activities
  • Stopping to talk to an acquaintance or friend
  • Preparing to leave the house, on lunch breaks, checking email and voicemail, talking on the phone
  • Waiting to get gas, at the car wash or at active railroad crossings

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1. With modern emission technology and more fuel-efficient cars, why do I have to worry about a small matter like idling?
2. Every gallon of fuel burned produces about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. How can one gallon of gas produce so much air pollution?
3. What other air pollutants are found in car exhaust?
4. How much fuel am I wasting by idling my vehicle?
5. What are the most common reasons for idling?
6. What steps can I take to minimize idling?
7. Is shutting off and restarting my vehicle hard on the engine?
8. What else should I know about idling?