What is the Hefty ReNew Bag?

The Hefty ReNew Bag allows you to recycle items that Rumpke is unable to recycle on their own. The items can still go in your curbside bin; to recycle them, you need to purchase a separate orange Hefty ReNew bag to collect the items. Once you fill a Hefty ReNew bag, simply put it in your Rumpke recycling cart or recycling dumpster for collection.

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1. What is the Hefty ReNew Bag?
2. How do I get a Hefty ReNew bag?
3. What else can I recycle with a Hefty ReNew Bag?
4. What can’t be recycled in a Hefty ReNew bag?
5. What happens to the materials in my Hefty ReNew bag?
6. Is the Hefty ReNew Program offered in counties surrounding Hamilton County?