When should I file and how long will it take to get a permit?

Both the final Permit to Install and Permit to Install and Operate must be obtained before beginning any construction of a new air pollution emissions unit. This means that it is very important for companies to plan for sufficient lead time for the time it takes to get a permit. The actual time it takes can vary for many reasons, including:

  • The completeness of the application
  • The complexity of the applicable regulations
  • The length of the review process
  • The need for a draft permit and/or public hearing
  • Ohio EPA permit review backlogs
  • Among others

Expect this process to take four to six months for normal permits, one to two years for major new facilities. It is best to contact the Ohio EPA field office representative as soon as you know about the need to install a new emissions unit. Ask them to estimate the time it will take and plan accordingly.

When you fill out your application be sure to complete all information requested which is applicable to your situation. If you are unclear if you need to complete a form or part of a form, contact your field office representative. This will help assure your application is complete and will prevent delays due to an incomplete application.

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